Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Your Bike: When to Change What

Hey ladies! I know a lot of you girls have this, erm...just ride and go mentality when it comes to your bikes. I'm also guilty of that. Total noob when it comes to the technical aspects. But here are some useful information I found on Singaporebikes.com which I think may be useful to us girls. At least know them if you are a rider.

This is not just for those riding the R15. Should be relevant to any class 2B motorbike.

Following info thanks to DerFuhrer:

 "There are no pros and cons to our R15. It is built to ride safely and you should be enjoying every bit of it. The issue of pros and cons arrives when you start to mod your bike. Our R15 needs to be maintain and there is no compromise about it. Here,I listed down some items as your guidance only. This is what I practice on my bike.

Engine oil: Replace it every 1500km. It is always good to have fresh and quality ingredients governing and protecting your engine components. Any grade will do,Mineral,Semi synthetic or Full synthetic according to your needs and budget.

Engine oil filter: Replace it every 3 cycle of engine oil change.

Spark plug: Replace it every 5000km.

Battery: Have it check monthly and replace it once a year. Ensure sufficient power at all times. Your good mechanic will teach you how to monitor the voltage. Healthy battery reads above 13v while running and above 11.5V while on idle.

Clutch and throttle cable: Have it lubed once every 3 months.

Chain and sprocket: Lube it weekly.

Tires: Replaced it when the thread faded.

Brake fluid: Top up when it reached below max level."

Hope this comes in useful!!! =)


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