Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All the Ladies!!!!

Yes, we want to create a network. After all, there are at least 20,000 ladies who hold a motorcycle licence, and that is as of 2005. So I'm guessing the latest statistics to be at least 30,000. ;)

Of course, we know there are some lady riders who love rides into Malaysia and beyond, and there are some who, just the thought of crossing the causeway, scares them. We want to build a bond so that, hey, we can look out for each other, make friends, and help each other figure out the stuff that girls usually don't care, or know, about, like when to change engine oil, when to do whatever, where to modify girly bikes.

I know forums like have a lady rider club, but they aren't really very active. I hope to make this fun for all the girls.

Yeah, I thought creating a community like that would be nice. Even having Biker's Mums around if they want. Because we know some of them are worried, and really want to try to be supportive despite everything (because our Mums sometimes can't do much about their stubborn children's decisions).

I'm thinking of doing a small gathering for all female riders. So I'm calling out to all female riders, girlfriends, daughters and mums to come join us. See that link on top? Click there. Or just click here.

Join the club, and we'll notify you once we have an event.

Let's foster a female bonding, shall we? ;)

That Biker Chick

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